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"Our mission statement: turn expensive video productions of all kinds into a commodity everyone can afford (or receive for free)"
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3 reasons to use the 360Box



No editing



Mind blowing videos in a click


Boost your digital culture
at every level 


Video like a pro!

Motorized Cameras

With the 360Box, anyone can use motorized cameras

Event Programming

The 360Box allows you to schedule a full conference and eliminate and save tens of thousands of euros 

Special effects (In one click)

We build dynamic environments to measure!

We develop proprietary special effects

How does it work?

Anyone can use the 360Box, thanks to its 6-button joystick !

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We build and install your custom 360box

We train your team 

We provide support


Compatible with

The 360Box can replace your webcam by multiple HD cameras, jingles, lower thirds...

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What can you produce?

Unlimited possibilities: Professional corporate interviews - Live broadcast - Mobile corporate studios - Event coverage - WebTV - E learning - Econference - Videoconferencing


Financing your 360Box

The 360Box starts at 30€/day.
You have two ways to finance your 360Box:

#1: Sponsoring:
Display your sponsor's logo on the opening and closing sequence of all videos and offer them access to the studio (For example 1 day par year)
#2: Renting: Rent your 360Box to individuals and other companies by the hour, the 1/2 day or the full day. We provide the necessary marketing material.

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Sponsoring: example of sponsored opening sequence


Renting: example of flyer

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"No-non sense Public Speaking"

360Box in short

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360Box users 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Who builds the 360Box?

The 360Box is built and configured in our concept store in Luxembourg, then delivered directly to your company.

What type of studios do your propose?

The 360Box is suitable for rooms of all sizes. We offer 3 types of studio : 1. Cosy - The 360Box is hidden under a table - Surface: 3m x 2m - The studio is also used as a meeting room 2. Executive - A versatile studio for live recording, live streaming, chromakey, etc... - Surface: 6m x 6m - The studio is also used for brainstorms and enhanced zoom calls 3. Hollywood - A studio for Pros. - Surface: 15m x 15m - 3 motorized cameras for incredible interviews, panels, etc

How many models do you have?

The 360Box is a versatile product that can be adapted to suit your needs. There are : 1. Original The original model, powerful and strong. We can ship it anywhere in the world by DHL! 2. 360Box Turtle This model was requested by companies and coworking centres who move the studio often inside their building. 3. 360Box Paris A more compact, more powerful version with a sound system to record several speakers at the same time! 4. SOON : The 360Box Mini All the power of the 360Box, in a more compact and stylish version, with a full automatic recording system. It was designed to sit in your Board room.

Which departments in my company can use the 360Box

The 360Box is built around a system for your entire business :

Can 360 send a specialist to support our team?

Of course ! While we train you to use the 360Box independently, we are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide technical support if needed. We can also send an operator or a technician to operate your 360Box for big event.

What is included?

If you rent a 360Box, you will receive : - The 360Box studio ready to use - Training for your team in its use and access to our 360Masterclass - Support to help you develop your skills around the technology

How can I have a 360Box and pay 0 euro?

The 360Box makes it easy for you to get your videos financed and make your investment profitable. You can sponsor your videos by displaying your partners' logo in the opening jingle

Can I make a profit with the 360Box?

The 360box allows you to earn money by renting it to your clients, colleagues or other companies !

Can I stream with the 360Box?

Yes, this technology is compatible with all the streaming platform, like Zoom, Teams, Webex, Facebook Live, Youtube and more !

For whom is the 360Box suitable?

The 360Box is suitable for : - Companies of all sizes : Sales / Communication / Personnal Development
- EHPAD and hospitals : Social Link / Memory / Marketing
- Schools and universities : Teacher / Students / Administration





Tel: (+352) 35 68 77

Meet us in our concept store - 

106 Rue de Bonnevoie, 1261 Luxembourg

Tel: (+33) 6 10 24 44 46

Visit our studio - 

Spaces La Défense, 1-7 Cours Valmy,  Le Belvdédère, 92800 Puteaux


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